Au pair

What’s an au pair?

An au pair is someone that takes care of kids up to 45 hours a week while she lives in a host family. It’s a cultural exchange program that give opportunity to the au pair to improve her English skills, takes classes up to 6 credits a year and earn $195.75 a week for her job.

With the au pair program, you can live, travel, work and study for at least a year. In the US, it’s a restricted program, it’s why you have to choose an agency to go with.

aaaaa training school
Cultural Care Au Pair’s Training School


Cultural Care Au Pair

I choose Cultural Care Au Pair for few reasons: they are a big agency so that means a lot of au pairs and host families; you only deal with one agency, you don’t have two different agencies between your home country and the US, and they have their own training school in New York.

Plus, now they have an Ambassador buddy program, so the new au pairs that matched with a family can have a buddy who gives them advices and shares their life as an au pair.

The Cultural Care’s Ambassadors are current or former au pairs in the United States. I’m one of them since last December and I have few buddies. Some already left to meet their host family, and the other are looking forward to their departure for New York. I really like being helpful and share my experience with new au pairs 🙂



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