The departure

My departure to the USA was on a Monday at the end of March 2015.

At the end of January I knew where I was going, it will be Chicago for a year! I was very excited about that project but as the day was coming, I felt very nervous and I started to have anxiety. Before that I never travelled alone, neither took a plane in my life!

During the few weeks between the match with my host family and the departure, there were a lot of ups and downs. And it was just the beginning… On the ups, I was very confident and excited about going to the USA, it was a chance for me and I thought I found the perfect family to live with. While during the downs, I felt sad about leaving my family, my parents and my siblings, my life in France, and I was scared to do something new ALONE.

Few times, I thought to give up and find something to study like everyone else because when I left my home country, I only had my high school diploma. This option was less scary but I wanted to challenge myself. Until the last day I felt a lot of anxiety and asked myself if I was going to board that plane, but when I met my travel buddies at the airport (we were 8 French au pairs that week), I felt better. 2015-04-04 16.30.22

I felt better because they were very excited about the aventure and talked about a lot of positive things, they already planned trips, and a lot of things they wanted to visit there. We all talked about our host families, our fears and we planned to meet during the year. That day, I felt supported. We were going to do the same thing, leave our families in France, and take a plane to a new country to live for at least a year. My family had a lot of difficulties to understand it and it wasn’t easy for me. But they were going to deal with it like many other families, who the kids leave to a new adventure abroad.

Finally I took the plane and we headed to New York City 🙂 Now I can say it was worth it!



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