Miami – Florida

On the first weekend of December,  my friend and I did our last trip together. We went to Miami, Florida.

On the friday morning, I took the plane from LaGuardia in NYC and she took hers in Boston. We decided to meet at Miami Airport directly. That weekend was planned for weeks 🙂

…But only our flights to go there ^^

On November, we travelled to Las Vegas and then to our roadtrip to California, so we didn’t have enough money to pay all the weekend trip to Miami. On the monday, (yes 4 days before ^^) we booked the return flight, and the airbnb.


En voiture pour Miami Beach
Miami from the freeway

That means we didn’t have so much choices, and the airbnb we booked was close to the Airport so far away from Miami Beach where we wanted to spend our time and we had to use Uber because it was cheaper than a regular taxi.


After few problems at the Airport in NYC, my plane finally landed. I found my friend and then we went to our accomodation. It was already 4 pm, we were so tired, we just went out to eat at Panera Bread and to the stores near : Target and TJ Maxx.

The next day, we woke up, got ready and went to Miami Beach. On the beach it was windy so we didn’t stay and we walked around in the town. We ate something, and then we did some souvenirs shopping and got our nails done. It was on our list of stuff we wanted to do while in US 🙂


After that we came back home and we got ready to go to the club. We went back from our airbnb to Miami beach and we were so disappointed ! The club we choose online had no one inside during all the time we were there!!! Except the people that worked there and two other guys… We decided to stay until 1am and then we asked for a Uber. We packed our suitcases, slept 3 hours and on the Sunday, we had our flights at 7am to go back in the cold weather in the North.

It was my last trip in US, we wanted to relax and we didn’t plan it very well before we got there, so we didn’t do so much things but it was still a good weekend 🙂

Avenue des boutiques à South Beach



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