Being a Cultural Care Global Ambassador

How I applied to be a Cultural Care Au Pair’s Global Ambassador?

All along the time I was in the US, I received few emails from Cultural Care. In the last one, I noticed they were seeking for some au pairs to be Global Ambassador. I didn’t know truely what it was. But I decided to apply. The form is very easy to fill, and there is this question: why do you think you could be a great Ambassador?

Why I decided to become an Ambassador?

First of all, when I applied it was only few weeks before I went back to my home country; second, I didn’t have any plan in France yet, no job, no study… So I had a lot of time and I wanted to stay involved in the Au Pair program.

To the question in the form I answered I could be a great Ambassador because I’ve spent almost two years being an au pair, I lived in three different families, in three different areas, and I went through a rematch. Also, I wanted to share my story and help the others to have a good year abroad. Sharing  with other Ambassadors and former au pairs is important to me because sometimes it’s difficult for people that weren’t au pairs to understand our feelings and our adventure.

What does an Ambassador do?

The role of an Ambassador is to promote the cultural exchange, by talking about it to your friends, your family, in your school, on the social medias, etc.

The part I like the most is the Ambassador Buddy Program. Each month, you can fill a form to ask for buddies or not. If so, you will be assign some buddies, they are au pairs that matched with their host family and are waiting to go to the US in their new family. You are here to support them, answer their questions, give them tips and advices about the life as an au pair and living in the US, and share your story with them.

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