About me



NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge


My name is Nolwenn, I came from France and on March 2015, I took the plane direction the States, for at least one year.

I thought of being au pair when I was in high school. First I was going to go as an au pair in Irland and then to the US, if I really liked the job.

In Europe, it’s not mandatory to stay a year as an au pair while in US, it’s requested. So even if I really wanted to get the opportunity to travel, study, work and discover their way of life, I had a lot of questions and I asked for more informations to au pair agencies.

In Summer 2014 I choose the agency and I started to create my application. Few months later I found a host family and the adventure started! 😀

I came back to my home country 21 months later, on December 2016, and during my stay I shared the life of three different host families, close to Chicago, Boston and New York City. And I visited so many other places… 🙂

This blog is about my adventures